Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Nylon Bowband Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how I make my bowbands out of knee highs.  I first found the instructions on how to make these HERE for those of you who like to see it being done in real time.

Lots of photos ahead!

This is the knee high version (as demonstrated in the video above).  I purchased all my nylon knee highs from Walmart.  You can find them for $0.33 a pair.

Turn the knee high inside out and lay flat on a cutting mat.

Using a straight edge (or just wing it with a pair of scissors) cut off the toe seam and ribbed calf portions.

Next slightly overlap the raw ends forming a circle.

Weave a needle through all 4 layers of nylon making sure to catch the underside as you go.

Scrunch the nylon in the middle and wrap your thread around several times.  Secure with a few stitches in the back or tie several knots with your thread tails.  Make sure you pull tight to create a secure scrunch.

This is what it looks like before you cover your seam.

Finally take a piece of 5/8" grosgrain ribbon and heat seal the end with a lighter or wood burner tool.  Hot glue one end to the back of the band over the seam.  I like using 5/8" ribbon since it's a better width to accommodate small and large bows.

Wrap the ribbon around to measure how much you need to cover the seam.  Cut and seal the end as before.  Place hot glue on the already glued ribbon portion in the back.  Wrap the free ribbon piece around the front of the seam and place over the hot glued portion on the back.  This completely covers the seam.

Finished!  Now just clip on your bow to the front.

Tomorrow I'll do a tutorial on how to step-by-step make them using medium weight trouser socks.


  1. Oh your post brings me back to the days when I had little girls. I was always making some fun bows/barrettes/scrunchy things for their hair. These are adorable. Note to self: remember this when I get granddaughters. Love your blog!

  2. These are so cute! I am going to have to make a few up for my nieces since my girls are too old, now! I have filed this at thecraftersfilebox.com.

    Thanks for sharing!


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