Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Filling up the shop

If you're ever in the Wilmington, NC area you should stop by and check out Plum Fancy on Hwy. 17.  Our town has very cute shabby chic stores and this is the one I occasionally put my pieces in.  These are 2 of my pieces I took in this week...

An antique treadle base sewing table painted ASCP Duck Egg Blue with dark wax, circa early 1900s.

Vintage faux bamboo mirror distressed with ASCP Duck Egg Blue, probably from the 70s.  This was the mirror in my bathroom in mom's house I used  as a child...cracks me up that it's "vintage."

I'm working on some absolutely fabulous bamboo accent chairs as well as some custom pieces for clients this week!  Loving the weather...always makes me want to paint, and shop :)

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