Monday, August 6, 2012

Tutorial - Sew Your Own Baby Taggie

I make lots of baby gifts throughout the course of a year and this is one of my favorites and probably easiest to sew.  It's very beginner friendly so have no fear if your are new to the sewing world.  Let's get started...

2 coordinating fabrics of your choice (13" square piece of each)
sewing machine
scissors or rotary cutter
measuring tape or self healing mat and straight edge
ribbon (lots!) in several patterns and textures

Start by washing and drying your fabric, then press.  Cut 1 13" square piece from each fabric.

Cut several 5" long pieces of ribbon.  This is where you can get creative and add as many pieces of ribbon as you want.  I cut 4 of each type of ribbon I used in this example.

Fold each ribbon in half and pin cut edges of ribbon to cut edge of fabric on right side (printed side) of fabric.

Pin ribbon on all 4 sides of fabric.  The next step is your preference.  You can either sew the ribbon down one side of fabric using a 1/4" seam allowance or all 4 sides.  I did one side.

Next pin your 2 pieces of fabric right sides together sandwiching the ribbon in between.  Make sure you leave a 3" opening to turn on the side you already stitched the ribbons down.


Stitch around all 4 sides (except the opening) using a 1/2" seam allowance.  And yes I sew over my pins...

Remember to secure (back stitch) your stitches on either side of the opening.  Cut threads and corners.

Turn right side out and push out the corners into neat points.  Press around the edges.  I try not to place my iron on the ribbon especially if it is printed.  Sometimes the ink will melt. 

Ok, last're almost done...yay!  Top stitch around all 4 sides close to the edge.  This not only closes up the hole you left for turning it also secures the ribbon again.  For a decorative touch, or added security, you can do a second row of top stitching.  I chose to leave the white thread here for contrast but if you'd like your top stitching to blend better just match your top thread to your top fabric and your bobbin thread to your bottom fabric. 

DONE!  Now you have a soft and fun ribbon taggie for a special little person :)


They're also a great way to clean out your stash and use material you may already have on hand.

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